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 Introduce Triumph Furniture Company

Triumph Furniture is one of the leading companies in Vietnam to have fine quality furniture. Our skilled and professional team will help you customer made designs for out door and indoor furniture. You can buy products from Triumph with International quality. Found in 2007, Triumph Furniture is a young company but proud to have its products in the US market, meeting all kind of customers requirements. Our mission is Quality First.

 Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance-Part 3
In addition to regular dusting, wood surfaces also benefit from occasional polishing to remove smudges and particles and enhance the appearance of the piece. Although it won't hurt the finish to do it more often, we recommend polishing only two or three times a year, depending on use. Over-polishing can detract from the appearance of the finish.
 Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance-Part 2

During humid weather, wood drawer fronts may swell and become difficult to open and close. Although we engineer the tolerances to allow for normal expansion, extreme conditions may cause drawers to stick. An easy remedy is to rub candle wax or paraffin on the drawer sides and bottom runners. However, if the humidity remains high over a long period, consider using a dehumidifier. When the air becomes drier, drawers will naturally stop sticking.

 Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance-Part 1

Did you know that freshly sawn wood contains more than 50 percent water? To prepare the wood for crafting into furniture, we carefully dry the wood to reduce the moisture content to a level which allows it to acclimate to the average relative humidity in most homes.

 How to Maintain Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is popular for its beauty, strength and durability in the home.While some exotic or antique woods require special care and maintenance, most wood furniture today is easy to clean and maintain.All it takes is a little care and a few simple steps to keep your wood furniture in great shape and looking its best.

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